Ken Hall himself hailed from a long line of shoemakers, prominent in Northamptonshire from the turn of the last century. His main interest was bespoke footwear and, having made the transition from manufacturing for the high street to the manufacture of orthopaedic footwear in 1972, he rapidly gained his reputation for producing practical and functional boots and shoes for people with problem feet.

Hall’s staff of four soon expanded and in the mid seventies some of the first off the shelf or modular orthopaedic footwear were developed. The first designs were relatively basic and were known as the ’Special Six’ and ‘RADUS’ ranges. Their main features were extra depth and width, with a long opening to facilitate foot entry.

These designs were further developed into the ’NuStyle‘ range and became what can probably be described (both in terms of looks and functionality) as the first successful stock orthopaedic shoe.

The company expanded steadily during the eighties and by now were producing ranges that included adults, children’s and youth’s footwear, plus a full made – to – measure range.

In 1991, bigger premises were required and we transferred to our current factory, which was constructed as a purpose built shoe factory in 1876. This move allowed for improved production facilities and greater stock holding, thus improving delivery times and service.

A key factor in maintaining our high standards is that every product found in the Nustyle, Carewear, Carefree and First Base ranges is designed and manufactured in our factory in Kettering.

The latest chapter in the development of Ken Hall comes with the arrival of Carefree. A more aesthetically pleasing range that compliments the hugely popular Carewear range, allowing us to offer the orthopaedic footwear user the product, service, quality and choice that they have come to expect.