Our environment

Along with Water, Soil is the earth’s most important natural resource. Boughton undertake to help protect and enhance this natural resouirce in all we do. Our products are used to enhance the performance and beauty of both our natural and built environment. Our products contribute to producing the food we eat, the air we breath and the biodiversity of where we live. In addition to this many of our products enhance the enjoyment of our environment in our work, rest and play.

Where possible Boughton along with the rest of The Bennie Group use renewable energy and conserve resources as much as possible. This ranges from photovoltaic arrays at its offices and workshops to the reclaiming of spent oils for heating. This is in addition to the the recycling of office, plant, machinery and vehicle consumables and the general avoidance of wasteful activities as much as possible.All the work we do is carried out by minimising our impact on the environment. Our products are all about creating a usable and sustainable environment, so it is something we take very seriously. We ensure that all materials we use in the manufacture of our soils, loams and growing media are responsibly sourced and prepared, packaged and delivered to minimise any adverse environmental impact.

In every project that we undertake we aim to satisfy the needs of the community, our customers and the environment.